Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Deep Condolences, Francine Prieto

Francine Prieto - movie star, comedienne,  sister and a grieving daughter.

I feel for her.  Her mom, Amelia Falcon +,  who was diagnosed a year ago with ovarian cancer passed away.  I saw her being interviewed on TV today.  She tearfully related how she and her mom debated on her mom undergoing a medical procedure.  Francine opposed it but her mom prevailed.  In effect the medical procedure caused her mom's death.  Francine also thanked all those who helped her financially, those who gave her jobs, etc.

I took Francine's pictures years ago for the cover of  Women's Journal, Francine5.jpg She was slimmer then.  You'd think that with her sexy image and beautiful face she would act like a diva.  She is so down--to-earth.  In all her manners and speech, she is a good daughter and a conservative person.  Other showbiz personalities would concoct stories, would link with the members of the opposite sex just to get publicity.  Not so with Francine.  She's squeaky clean, a rare asset in the showbiz world.

Our message to Francine -  Our deepest and sincere condolences, Francine.  You did the best for your mom, I am sure your mom appreciated all your efforts.
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