Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Blog Award: Laughing out Loud!

Wow, Bloggerang Pinay's first award!  I am so dumb I did not know about this award 'til today.  Thanks so much Jhengpot!
Yes I am now a member of the big teethed smiley.  

Let's abide by the rules of this noble (ahem)  award now :
  1. Link to the person who gave you this award. (In a post, or in your sidebar, wherever you have this)
  2. Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least slightly amusing things and tell them. Either by emailing them or commenting on a post, etc.
  3. Say seven things about yourself that no one knows. (Or at least you think no one knows.)
  4. Pass these rules on.
And drum roll please, I  am passing this prestigious (oo daw) award to the following:

Mona Gonzales of Life in the Philippines for she is so smart and funny, her blog entries informative yet light, she always makes my day. 

Mauie Flores of Mole on my Sole because she makes a good travel blog.

Edlyn Oroquiola Retucsan of Heart of Mind because we love the same things - food and love of learning among other things.

Momgen of  Life's Journey because she is such an enterprising and positive person.

Yham of  Veroniz of Veronizm ...Life in Bliss because she goes in places I would likely go and takes great pictures too. 

And now seven things about me:
1.  I aim to be a comedienne in my own way (just like my father who is a comic/comedian wherever he goes), in my sphere of friends: that's why 

2.  I am always attracted to comedians/comediennes or to anyone who could tickle  my funny bones.

3.  My hubby is a stand-up comedian, not professionally, though.

4.  I have a soft spot for the broken-hearted, being one for soooo many years.   I treat them like my own babies, make them smile/laugh, comfort them, take their pictures so they see themselves as the lovely creatures as they are :)

5.  And speaking of pictures, one of the reasons I learned photography is to be able to take better pictures of myself (oh I am vain).  I remember my ugliest picture taken at  Foto Me when I was in college:  my cousin stole found it and gave it to my aunt and both of them gleefully represented yours truly in our Lola's  grandchildren/family album with my ugliest picture ever. 

6.  One reason I became a professional photographer (aside from being financially needy) is that I lost my first  'Point-and-shoot camera' and had to buy a second hand DSL camera to take pictures of my first baby.  The DSL camera enabled me to have a little sideline (took passport pictures!)  in an international organization where I was employed until I resigned and did photography professionally.

7)    I befriend ghosts wherever we live.  The first time I do upon moving into a house is to 'speak' to ghosts, telling them that I would like to be a friend, that I don't like to be scared, that I'd like them to help me, hehehe.
Almost always they respond by appearing in my dreams and answering my requests too.  True to their form, a ghost in Saudi Arabia kissed me and another one made love to me, lol.  

That's all folks :)


  1. Silver, thanks for the award! I will post the award and send it to seven others first thing tomorrow, so I can really think of whom to send it to:)

    Miss you Silver. Now I KNOW have to rejuvenate my Philippine blog. BTW, I LOVE this blog you're doing and MISS YOU.

  2. You're welcome, Monissima, Glad you like our humble award :))

  3. I enjoyed this post... :D big smiles here. And, that you befriend ghosts... :)

  4. Thanks http://www.tndcallphilippines.com/.

    I'll keep your website in mind when we finally move out of the Phils. and have to call home :)


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